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Audio Equipment

Custom Production

4 Revisions

     You receive:

  • Your song professionally produced with modern and current industry sounds, mixed and mastered to an exceptionally high standard. 

     Please Email:

  • Description of your idea/vision. along with 2-3 Reference songs (similar to your goal sound) and we can take it from there :)  

Zip file includes: high quality WAV/AIFF & MP3 files.


Audio Mixing

3 Revisions

     You receive:

  • Your song professionally mixed, colored, polished, and ready for mastering

  • Your instruments and sounds enhanced and cleaned up to an exceptionally high standard using the best industry audio processing plugins

  • Vocal Pitch Correction included (Melodyne & Auto-tune) with maximum attention to detail!

  • Free Mastering

  • Stems/Trackouts of your mixed song.

     You upload:

  • Your song's Stems/Trackouts   in WAV/AIFF format (up to 30 Stems)

Zip file includes: high quality WAV/AIFF & MP3 files.


Audio Mastering

2 Revisions

        You receive: 

  • Your song professionally Masterd using the best industry audio processing Plugins with special care and maximum attention to detail! 


     You upload: 

  • Stereo bounce of your song's final mix in WAV/AIFF format.

Zip file includes: high quality WAV/AIFF & MP3 files. - LOGO.png

Industry Quality

Music Production & Audio Services

Inquiries & Submissions:

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