1 . Name Your Tracks 

This step is crucial, on any DAW whether you choose to export multi-tracks or to export each track individually, The picture to the right is a great example of how your  stem folder should look like when you're done  exporting and naming.

Including an mp3 demo of how your mix sounds, as it is great to use for  reference and work around the vision and vibe you're going for. 

Name Your Tracks
2 . All Stems = Same Length

All of your stems should be the same length. When exporting, on your DAW, make a selection of the exact length of your song, always make sure the selection is active when exporting all track-outs. This is crucial as it guarantees all tracks to play in sync and insures the engineer has an accurate arrangement of your song.

All Stems = Same Length
3 . Clipping & Headroom
  • No audio clipping on individual channels  as shown on the right side of the photo. Having that kind of level should always be avoided, as it causes exported tracks to clip, distort, and glitch, it is pointless to export any track at such level as nothing can be done to enhance or fix the sound. 

  • Leaving "Headroom" is essential when sending track-outs to engineers. You want the highest peak on your Master channel to be hitting just around -12 dB. When you do this you are creating what is called headroom, which is the essential space an engineer needs to polish, pump, clean, and enhance your master piece!

Clipping & Headroom
4 . Export Settings

 ​Applies to all exports & DAWs: 

  • File Format : WAV/AIFF/CAF (Either one is accepted)

  • Resolution: 24 Bit 

  • Sample Rate: 44100

  • File type : Interleaved 

  • Dithering: None 

  • Normalize: Off (Always) 

Export Settings
5 . Compressing & Sending
  • Put all files in one folder  and Compress it as shown in the photo. Once your Zip file is exported, you can send it Via Email or Wetransfer.com.

  • Please include in your email: 2-3 reference songs for your project's goal sound.  The more you expand on  your ideas the better the results! 

Compress Stem File

Upload & Send